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Australia’s Gold Coast is a modern city of glittering high-rise buildings, built around superb beaches. The coastal city is situated on the east coast of Australia in Queensland and is famed for its long sandy beaches and houses the world renowned ‘Surfers Paradise’.

The Gold Coast is the second most populous city in the state, the sixth most populous city in the country, and the most populous non-capital city and cross-state metropolitan area in Australia. With such a populated area, boasting beachside offerings along with all urban city needs, the Gold Coast has attracted various businesses across the tourism, retail, health care and construction industries.

Such a significant city and contributor to the Australian economy, businesses in the Gold Coast should be protected. PSC Direct Insurance Brokers have researched the specific risks that businesses in the area are exposed to, in order to apply all policies that are written to ensure the most comprehensive cover.

Our Insurance Brokers can help your business survive the unexpected, with minimum losses.

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There are a number of territory and federal government initiatives that provide support networks, resources and grants for small businesses.

PSC Direct Insurance Brokers understand the specific risks that businesses in Gold Coast and the QLD are exposed to.

We make it our number one priority to source an insurance solution that addresses these risks and protects local businesses for the long term.

What Are the Specific Risks Faced By Gold Coast Businesses?

Storms & Floods

The Gold Coast has more than 55 kilometres of coastline and over 260 kilometres of navigable waterways. These natural and man-made features that make the Gold Coast lifestyle so unique also present significant challenges and opportunities for managing storms and flooding that are predicted to occur with climate change.

The Gold Coast is subject to existing, future and residual flood risks and has experienced more than 45 floods since 1925. Past flood events have caused moderate to extensive damage to private property, community buildings, bridges and roads. The area experienced catastrophic storms and resulting flooding which affected thousands of homes and businesses across the state earlier this year. To date, most claims lodged in relation to recent storms have been property-related; the most common being to cover the costs associated with repairing and replacing broken tiles, smashed windows and ruined carpets. This highlights the importance of protecting your business property against the destructive effects caused by the forces of nature. PSC Direct Insurance Brokers Gold Coast specialise in sourcing appropriate policies in order to ensure your property is fully covered in a destructive event such as this. We can assist you in valuing your assets so that you don’t find yourself underinsured, and receive the maximum possible cover if the worst does happen.

Tourism & Hospitality

The Gold Coast is known nationally as an Australian tourist hot spot, housing the world-renowned Dreamworld, Warner Bros. Movie World and Sea World with more theme parks being added to this list each year. These attractions as well as the attraction of the beautiful natural landscape sees the Gold Coast hosting over 4 million visitors yearly, 19% of which are international visitors. These visitors frequent a variety of local businesses during their stays including theme parks, accommodation businesses and eateries & bars.

The tourism industry has accounted for 3.1% of the State Gross Value Added (GVA) in Queensland in recent years and is also a significant contributor to employment, accounting for approximately 124,000 jobs.

At PSC Direct, we understand that insurance cover is vital for the peace of mind of any business owner, particularly business operating in the Tourism industry where managers have to deal with a wide range of human behaviours. As such, we can ensure that Tourism businesses in the Gold Coast are appropriately covered for things like Public and Product Liability as well as fire and storm damage, theft and even personal injury.


In Gold Coast City, retail trade is the largest employer, generating 35,363 local jobs in 2013/14. In order to protect the city’s economy for the long term, these businesses should be fully protected with a comprehensive retail insurance policy that protects the company, its owners and its employees.

Gold Coast retail businesses should consider appropriate insurance cover for their needs. This will depend on a number of factors such as the size of the business, what it sells and the number of employees and can be easily determined with the help of a PSC Direct Insurance Broker.

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What Do Insurance Brokers Gold Coast Do?

At PSC Direct, we know that choosing the right cover for your business can be complicated, but we also know that it is necessary to fully protect your business assets and livelihood. That’s why we make it easy for you to get the cover you need, when you need it.

Our Insurance Brokers will source the most appropriate cover depending on your individual circumstances, industry and location. Covers we may suggest for businesses in the Gold Coast may include: 

  • Commercial Property Insurance:  Providing your company with financial protection in the event that your building is damaged or requires structural improvements as a result of flood, fire, earthquake, theft, or storm damage..
  • Business Interruption Insurance: Protecting your company from any loss of income as a result of necessary business closure after a disaster.
  • Machinery Insurance: Specific cover for machinery and equipment; a machinery insurance policy is more specialised than commercial motor vehicle insurance, most notably because it covers off-road usage.
  • Public Liability Insurance: Public Liability Insurance protects you and your business against the financial risk of being found liable to a third party for death or injury, loss or damage of property or economic loss resulting from your negligence.

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As specialist small business insurance brokers, PSC Direct uses our considerable experience to provide multiple quotes for you. Combining our expertise insuring thousands of other similar businesses with our detailed database of insurers and insurance products; we’re best placed to advise you on the right insurance for your business.

We have strong relationships with the leading underwriting agencies and insurance companies. We can source the most appropriate business insurance policy for you, covering you for what you really need, at the right price.

If you are a Gold Coast-based business owner, we can find a policy to suit your unique requirements.