Insurance Brokers Canberra

Insurance Brokers Canberra
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The capital city of Australia, Canberra is located at the Northern end of the Australian Capital Territory, between Melbourne and Sydney. Selected as the nation’s capital in 1908 as a compromise between rival cities Sydney and Melbourne, Canberra is a much smaller cosmopolitan area with a population of just over 350,000.

The ACT has the highest proportion of small businesses in the services sector across all Australian states. The administrative centre of Australia, the ACT offers an excellent environment for small businesses to expand, especially in the services sector. There are a number of territory and federal government initiatives that provide support networks, resources and grants for small businesses.

PSC Direct Insurance Brokers understand the specific risks that businesses in Canberra and the ACT are exposed to. We make it our number one priority to source an insurance solution that addresses these risks and protects local businesses for the long term.

Our Insurance Brokers can help your business survive the unexpected, with minimum losses.

Insurance Brokers Canberra PSC Direct

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