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Businesses operating from office spaces have an invested interest in more than just the money and equipment associated with the office. PSC Direct understands that as a business owner, you have invested your hopes, dreams and savings into your company, not to mention the livelihoods of yourself, your family and your employees. If something unfortunate happens, the consequences can be devastating. Office Insurance can help your company survive the unexpected, with minimum losses.

What is Office Insurance?

Office Insurance provides protection for people who operate their business in an office setting. Offices primarily require protection for property and contents.

Office Insurance can help your business survive the unexpected, with minimum losses.


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What are the Specific Risks that an Office Insurance Policy May Cover?

What are the Specific Risks that an Office Insurance Policy May Cover?
When you are operating your business out of an office setting there is a certain level of risk exposure. When an unforeseen event negatively impacts your workspace, having a comprehensive risk management strategy in place could increase your chance of survival.

As an office-dwelling business, it’s important to understand the specific risks facing your company so that you can put an effective risk management strategy in place. Some examples of risks experienced by many businesses that operate out of offices include:

  • Vandalism & Theft: With offices being left vacant during evenings and weekends it can be difficult to guarantee the site and its contents are secure. Office spaces are left vulnerable to attempts of vandalism and theft. Securing a policy that covers your materials from malicious damage and theft can give you piece of mind when you’re out of the office.
  • Property Risk: There is risk of damage to or loss of business property as a result of fire, flood, earthquake or storms. Insuring for these risks will mean you are not left out of pocket in the unfortunate event of a disaster occurring.

Insurance is protection for the unexpected. Without adequate insurance cover for your workplace you could find your business facing huge financial burdens or even the inability to continue operations if a workplace accident, major natural disasters, serious injury or an extended court case were to occur.

What Are the Key Elements of an Office Insurance Policy?

You need an Office Insurance policy that addresses the specifics of your business. Depending on your industry, appropriate cover for your office and business may include:

  • Commercial Property Insurance: To cover damage to buildings, contents and stock caused by fire, perils and accidental damage.
  • Business Interruption Insurance: To protect your company after an insured loss in the event that this event causes interruption to your business.
  • Theft and Money: To cover theft of business contents or stock, as well as theft of business funds.
  • Glass: To protect your business against costs incurred as a result of breakage of internal and external glass and signs.
  • Public Liability Insurance: To cover your legal liability to pay compensation for personal injury or property damage that is deemed to be the result of your business’ actions.
  • Computers and Electronic Equipment: To cover accidental damage, theft, fire, breakdown of computers and electronic equipment.
  • Tax Audit Insurance: To cover you for professional accounting fees that arise from an audit conducted by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or any other Australian (Federal, State or Territory) government agency.

Who Needs Office Insurance?

Office insurance is designed to protect people who operate their business from an office, this includes:

  • Professionals
  • Medical & Health Services
  • Financial Services
  • Consultant Services
  • Administrative Services

How PSC Direct Works for You

As specialist small business insurance brokers, PSC Direct uses our considerable experience to provide multiple quotes for you. Combining our expertise insuring thousands of other similar businesses with our detailed database of insurers and insurance products; we’re best placed to advise you on the right insurance for your business.

We have strong relationships with the leading underwriting agencies and insurance companies. We can source the most appropriate business insurance policy for you, covering you for what you really need, at the right price.

We can help sole practitioners, small, medium and large businesses protect the businesses you are growing and ensure your assets are covered in the event that disaster strikes.

With our strong relationships to a broad range of highly-rated insurers we are able to advise you on business insurance, professional indemnity insurance, and public liability insurance specifically tailored to meet the risk exposure of your business.

We can also provide advice on a range of additional insurance policies and cover that can affect your business and make sure you have the right insurance at the right price.

  • 72% of Australian businesses fail after experiencing a major loss.

The right business insurance will ensure you are not one of them.

While good insurance covers you for most things – Professional Indemnity, Professional Liability and Property, great insurance covers you for the specific risks that your business faces. We understand that every business is unique and you need a policy that addresses the specifics. We make sure that when you have a claim that’s out of the ordinary and complicated, you’re covered.